Varieté Performers

Sexy, bawdy,  cheeky, daring, dashing, poppy and mesmerizing.
We have all of that and more!

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Since the days of Vaudeville Cabaret, novelty acts have left lasting impressions with audiences whether in featured roles or as ambient or vignette acts. 

The Galaxie has worked with dozens of the most uniquely talented performers in the industry. Here are some of the types of talent we regularly book for parties, corporate events and other celebrations!

Fire Performers – With torches a blaze, our fire performers amaze audiences with spinning hoops, twirling poi sets and dancing fans. Enjoy the beauty and feel the heat!

Burlesque Performers – Be thrilled by the sparkle, the glamour and the curves of our stunning ladies skilled in the art of the tease. Specializing in the shimmy shake and the bawdy reveals, these performers really spice up the night!

Belly Dancers – With hips that shake faster than a rattle snake, our belly dancers perform solos or duets. Offering traditional and contemporary routines, many of our dancers also incorporate the use of veils, fans and swords. A wonderful way to shake up any party!

Flow Artists – A wonderful addition to an event that has some space to work with, our flow artists are skilled with hoops, feather fans, veils, ribbon dancers and more. Be swept away in creative power of these artists!

Magicians – The art of illusion is a specialty of some of our performers and each have their own unique twist. Whether it is a roaming artist, table-side tricks or full-stage show, our performers have the skills to amaze!

Cirque Performers – From hand balancers, to acrobats, to glass walkers, to hoopers, to aerialists, to grinders, to taxi dancers, to tightrope walkers, to jugglers, to stilt walkers, to contortionists, to just about any other varieté you can think of… we’ve got a performer for you. As these arts and skills have been revived over the past years, we invite you to be amazed by the talent we can offer. They continue to stun and amaze our audiences!