Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Learning to dance in private sessions can be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life! Private lessons allow you to focus on your 25607_353664032224_2664794_nspecific needs and dance to your favorite music in addition to accelerating your learning and understanding of a variety of dance forms in ways that group classes cannot offer.

Private lessons available at our location or yours*

  • 1 person $75*
  • 2 people $75*
  • 4-6 people $40 per person for a 2 hour class*
  • 7-10 people $35 per person for a 2 hour class (2 instructors will be present)*

*additional fees apply to home/outside studio visits

Group privates, pairs or solo…they all have their charm

We offer solo, couple and small group privates and specialize in early American social forms including:

Swing ~Lindy Hop~Balboa~Blues~Collegiate Shag~1940s Charleston~1920s Solo and Partner Charleston~Aerials~Choreography