Grand Opening of Chez

The Galaxie was thrilled to reinvent and rediscover the excitement that was inspired by the “Adorables” when the original Chez Paree first opened  in 1932.Platform knee  small

About the event: A contemporary loft with a rich history, Chez event space was once the home of the famous Chez Paree nightclub, which occupied the building from the 1930s through the 1950s. The club hosted many of the world’s best entertainers, including Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole.

The grand opening of Chez was the introduction of this long established name into the contemporary landscape of Chicago as a sought after destination for spectacular events. The Revel Group provided exquisite aesthetics and superior quality small bites and classic cocktails.

What we provided: Chez commissioned The Galaxie, via The Revel Group, to design a chorus line of performers to match the talent and grace of the classic “Adorables”, the traditional opening act of the Chez Paree (1932-1960).

Knee faced away10 Galaxie Girls hit the floor, feathers, tulle and skin in abundance, to delight and surprise the guests at the grand opening of Chez, Chicago’s newest and hottest event venue in Streeterville. Our own brand of chorus line included traditional moves coupled with classic styles and hard hitting electroswing music.

Kent Drake Chez


The space was on fire with anticipation as the Galaxie Girls broke into the space with a jolt, and inspired audible gasps and shouts from the crowd, leaving the guests with mouths gaping, hoping for another peek at the past.

Full room chez