Lindy Bliss with Evita and Michael 10/2/16

Lindy Bliss Workshop, Sunday October 2, 2016 with Michael and Evita

M & E with localThis October 2, 2016….

Join 2 of the most sought after international Lindy Hop instructors for this first ever local workshop series. Join Evita Arce and Michael Jagger for their unique brand of top level instruction, unequaled understanding of musicality and connection, amazing performance prowess and unending humor.

Find out more about Michael Jagger and Evita Arce!

In this Lindy Hop focused 1 day workshop, Michael and Evita will offer up 2 tracks of instruction, covering Musicality, Fast Lindy Technique, and Partner Connection, plus some slicks moves to add to your repertoire!

Location: Through The Body Dance and Fitness 1819 W. Grand Ave, suite #201

  • 2 class track: $40 with advanced registration*
  • Single class: $30*
  • 4 class registration: $70*

*Registration is based on 40 person max classes, and class balance. Class balance will be monitored closely. Students are invited to participate in role-reversal based on experience level.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Lindy Hop track:
Prerequistes: A solid understanding of Lindy Hop basics including Swing-Out, Circle, Swing-Out from closed, basic 8 and 6 count rhythms.
10+ in-class/workshop hours with 4+ class hours specifically in the Lindy Hop genre, or private lesson equivalent and/or 20+ social dance hours can be used as a guide. This track is open to all levels above Advanced Beginner.

11:00am-12:15pm Connection between you & them

In this 75 minute class Michael and Evita will focus on the “conversation” between you and your partner, with the understanding that a great conversation leads to a great dance, and great dances lead to terrific nights. Frame, communication and that classic ‘give and take’ will be on the menu for this class!

12:30-1:45 Musicality

In this 75 minute class you will get a greater understanding of how to listen to and process the music to make for every dance interaction to be a creative dance interaction. A connected “conversation” is the start, musicality takes you to the finish line.

Advanced Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop track:
Prerequisites: Full and complete understanding of Lindy Hop basics (see above), the ability to dance to various tempos, use Lindy Hop based breaks and variations and integrate various rhythms comfortably.
25+in-class/workshop hours with 12+ class hours specifically in Lindy Hop genre or private lesson equivalent and/or 50+ hours social dance hours can be used as a guide. This track is open to all levels above Advanced Intermediate. Less advanced students can request to audit.

2:30-3:15 Sorta-Fast and Faster Lindy

In this 75 minute class students will learn techniques to digesting and dancing to quicker tempos of music. If you think it’s just a matter of “dancing faster!”, this is the class for you! Apply tactics of fast Lindy Hop to music that hits 160 + BPM, and don’t sweat it~

3:30-4:45 Adding to your ‘Back Pocket Moves’

The perennial self-critique “I remember, like, 4 moves” will be more than satisfied with this great class on adding new vocabulary to your every dance.¬† Fun, super usable moves can free you up get creative on the dance floor, and that always feels great! Don’t miss this class~


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**Terms: By making this payment you agree to terms that include that you understand that Lindy Hop is an athletic event that can lead to injury. You accept all responsibility for participating in this workshop, and release, indemnify and hold harmless Michael Jagger, Evita Arce, Nicolle Wood, The Galaxie, Through the Body Studio, their heirs, administrators and assignees of any injury or negative result of participation in this event. You also understand that your participation may include your likeness, via photo or video representation, being used for this or future promotions.