Carnivale does Mardi Gras

… and we go BIG!


About the event: A recent event that was produced for Mardi Gras at Carnivale as part of their roll out for more evening culture based events. The goal: to light up every corner of the room with colorful and energetic entertainment, matching the color and vibrations of Carnivale (the restaurant AND the holiday).

What we provided: We hired a talented and elegant collection of dancers, The Teasers from the Original Tease, and spent 4 weeks training with a renown Samba coach to make sure the ladies were spot on in their movement and grace. We sourced beautifully styled authentic Samba costumes from a local designer, and used the entire 8000 sq ft space as our stage.

The answer to the question of dance music AND live performance came by way of bringing in a drummer and a trumpet player able to improvise seamlessly to the most energetic contemporary dance music, and set them to rotate between  5 different areas of the room.

2 of Chicago’s most mesmerizing aerialists alternated sets, culminating in a Aerial pas de deux, high above the guest’s heads.

Partnering with Redmoon Theatre, we were able to create a collection of featured servers including “table ladies” poised elegantly within the flow of the guests, and the Wa Wa gals, donning a Carmen Miranda headdress, a noir bird’s nest chapeau, and marching band ‘after midnight’ inspired  costumes.

A simultaneous performance by 4 of Chicago’s most sought after Burlesque performers rounded out the lusty and decadent feel of the night beautifully.