Junior Chorus Girls!

Junior Chorus Girls!


Chorus Girl University is excited to share the benefit of the amazing self esteem, positive body image, and group collaboration benefits with students 13-18 for this year’s Chorus Girl University, July 14-16, 2017.

Chorus Girl livin’ is an inspiring and supportive way to encourage not only health benefits of dance based movement, but also a constructive approach to seeing oneself as a contributing member of a group, and understanding that you only have to be a chorus girl at heart, to participate and really excel.

We have decided to offer discounted rates for Junior Chorus Girls and Guys interested in joining us for our annual event, and in addition to that, we are offering a portion of each 13-18 year old student’s registration fee as a donation towards a group or organization, for fundraising purposes. The groups will be determined by the registrant, and registrations that are not associated with a group will be donated to support a Vintage Dance based organization, to help further the word of the importance of our history as it relates to arts and culture.

To find out more about the Junior Chorus Girl/Guy ticket prices, go to our Ticket Page.

To get more details on classes and instructors, go to our Class Descriptions Page.

Chorus Girl University- Where you only have to be a Chorus Girl at Heart!