Galaxie Girls

20843808362_5e172a9f0b_zThe Galaxie Girls make you tingle.
The Galaxie Girls have legs out to there.
“Then they -UH- and they -UH- and they -UH,UH,UH-”

A Chorus Line for the ages.

The Galaxie Girls came to be in 2009, when inspiration met beauty, and had offspring they named talent and grace.

Entertaining is their business, making you smile is what they do best. Coupled with the most gifted local bands that Chicago has to offer,  such as The Fat Babies, there is nothing that can make a room burst into spontaneous joy like these ladies.

They have inspired Chorus Girls from across the country with their bona fide traditional Charleston and Chorus Girl choreography, their custom costuming pulled inspiration like the pages of Variety Magazine, circa 1942, authentic vintage 1920s gowns and groups like the Chez Paree’s own Adorables, and their performance prowess, the Galaxie Girls have turned heads at public and private events nationally.

Galaxie Girls PicassoOne Gal Dance copy Chez Gals







The Galaxie Girls have been featured  as the main attraction in evening length floor shows throughout Chicago, including The Bally Hoo and Rhythm Mad, as well as in music videos, and on stages throughout the Chicagoland area.

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