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Chorus Girl University is proud to present the most talented and experienced collection of instructors around.

This collection of professionals have been hand picked to provide Chorus Girl University with a  broad array of experience in the professional field of performance, instruction, design and application of skills involved in the creation of and presentation of vintage dance performance.

Chorus Girl University’s director, Nicolle Wood, has nearly 2 decades of experience in the instruction and performance of vintage dance styles, clients and students world wide, and an unparalleled eye for talent. The Chorus Girl University teaching staff is an assemblage of the most knowledgeable and supremely talented practitioners and are top of their fields.

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Class descriptions

Vintage Hair (applied) 101
This class is in response to the overwhelming desire from last year’s event: to have the opportunity to have Chorus Girls get their hands into the manufacturing of magnificent vintage hair styles.  Angelica will be guiding participants into making the best choices for vintage looks, advising on the best tools and products to apply, and recommendations of techniques. This class is advised by Angelica of Tigerlilie Salon, and is self lead by having participants apply the advise and guidance of the instructor. Participants are encouraged to partner up and plan on helping each other apply the techniques discussed.  Students are asked to bring their favorite tools of the trade; including hair pins, elastic bands, comb, curling irons, hot rollers, hair stray and pomade.
(90 minutes, Prerequisites: familiarity with hair techniques and/or Vintage Hair 101)
Instructor: Angelica Riviera/Tigerlilie Salon

Vintage Make-up (applied) 101
Based on response to last year’s extremely popular class, you are invited to join The Galaxie Girl’s own Laila Ruangpan as she guides participants in self application of vintage make-up techniques. Based on years of research and study, we will lead students to contouring techniques, lip application, strategies for maintaining your look for hours, and picking the perfect combination of colors. (90 minutes, Prerequisites: familiarity with make-up techniques and/or Vintage Make-up 101)
Instructor: Laila Ruangpan

Classic Kicklines 101
Work your high kick technique in this class designed to introduce the most quintessential kick line tricks of the trade. We’ll work how to use knees, legs, ankles and thighs to our very best advantage, as well exploring prime formations such as fan kicks and cannons…in addition to other heavy artillery.
(75 minutes, no prerequisites.)
Instructor: Nicolle Wood

Solo Charleston 101
Experience traditional solo 1920s Charleston moves that will enhance your group choreography, solo choreography and even you social dance knowledge and style. Learn how to embellish your movements for that traditional look and feel, as well as incorporating your whole body into classic dance steps of the period.
(75 minutes, no prerequisites. Comfortable shoes are encouraged.)
Instructor: Kimberly Kays

Down and Dirty Choreography 101
Learn how seamlessly incorporate the down and dirty moves of international show-woman Lady Jack with your own sense of sexy. This class will focus on strut & pose, tempo & tease, elements of vintage bump and grind and establishing audience connection.
(90 minute class, no prerequisite, high heels encouraged.)
Instructor: Lady Jack

Tap for Chorus Lines 101
Here you will learn and practice the basic building blocks of tap with a focus on vintage styles. We’ll be incorporating exercises for quick and precise shuffles and flaps, then use them to shuffle off to buffalo and beyond!
(90 minutes, no prerequisites. Tap shoes are encouraged but not required.)
Instructor: Rhonda Clark


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